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Bandera Latina

Muziek Concert

De Vijfzinnen

Vrijdag 6 oktober 2017
Aanvang 20:30 uur
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Bandera Latina

Cultureel café de 5 Zinnen

Cultureel Cafe de Vijf Zinnen - Bandera Latina


Bandera Latina is a Dutch ensemble that specialise in Rumba. Flamenca, Mediterranean and South American music with a focus on (flamenco) guitar and vocals.
At the heart of Bandera Latina are siblings Salvatore and Savannah Sichi.
They started their musical careers very young, singing at their Italian father and Dutch mothers’ Arnhem ice cream-parlor aged seven and nine where they gained some celebrity.
While bedridden after an accident, the young Salvatore honed his guitar skills playing the Flamenco-inspired style of Gypsy Kings’ guitarist Tonino Ballardo, and later Tonino’s father, the late, great Manitas de Plata. He was soon under the spell of Paco de Lucia and later Django Reinhardt. Meanwhile Savannah’s unique singing style was sought after in local venues while her self-taught piano and vocal virtuosity led her to study classical music and to the brink of entering conservatoire. Added to this was the influence of their singer mother who had Dutch gypsy blood. She sang and taught them her favourite songs on her knee including many Italian classics from the 60s, 70s and 80s as well as a few of her own; an eclectic musical brew was hatched.
At 21 Salvatore decided to become a professional musician. He persuaded Savannah to lend her vocal talents and the two of them set out to find like-minded musicians. Bandera Latina was born. With Salvatore, by now an accomplished virtuoso, and Savannah at the heart of this new band, they began touring and gigging with great success and haven’t looked back. Twenty years later, Bandera Latina continue to tour around Holland, often featured on Dutch radio and TV and now plan to extend their regular mini-tours of the UK.

"Mooie mix van een lach en een traan."
- Volkskrant